Open space TV Ltd started in 2006, back then we offered advertising on patient information screens, which were placed in GP waiting rooms. Waiting for an appointment is a pretty dull experience for most people. A lively information screen can help to pass the time and keep people up to date with the latest developments. We obtained revenue from offering advertising slots that appeared alongside the patient information.

The business initially did well, however with the resignation of a key director called Alan Travers, who created the technology to run the screens and the fact that Sir Alan Sugar entered the market place with Am screen, the remaining directors decided to concentrate on their core strengths and take the business in a different direction.

The other three directors (Gary Hickman, Phillip Pretty and Kim Robinson) were out-door advertising specialists, so it made sense to use these skills for the benefit of their customers. The company name was changed to Open Space Advertising Ltd and the directors set out to secure advertising space in places with high footfalls.

Since then we have been on an epic journey, which has resulted in us being able to offer our customers advertising opportunities at more than 1000 locations throughout the UK. In 2010 we secured a contract with Tesco PLC. This enables us to promote our customers at two hundred of their stores, which gives our clients access to millions of UK shoppers.

Out-door advertising has been around for decades and even though the internet has changed our lives, this traditional marketing method still delivers fantastic results. This doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels though, and we promise to continue developing our products. We are now combining our out-door media products with cutting edge online and mobile marketing tools that will give you the edge over your competitors.