Maintaining and Increasing your Social Media following

Social media is forever changing, with each network trying to take control of the social space with updates and exciting new features. This opens the door for small businesses to make the most of these features to promote their business. However, these features aren’t being utilised by some businesses and those that are, aren’t always achieving the success that they expect due to the management of their social platforms. So here are our tips to having a successful social media campaign.

  1. Remember your company values

When your advertising to current and potential customers, it’s important to remember what your company stands for. For example, if you are a clothing company, your aim might be to provide functional and comfortable clothing for older people. Therefore, when your marketing on Facebook, you should narrow down your target audience to those people.

  1. Keep your profiles updated

There is no point in having a group of social media accounts if you’re not going to use them. Social Media has become the easiest way to communicate with your customers on a large scale due to the growth of people now online and regularly using the internet. But if those potential customers see that you’re not active online and haven’t posted since you created the accounts, then how are they to know that your still in business? There are many ways you can do this, but them major ones are as follows:

  • Make sure you have a clear, recognisable Profile Picture and Cover photo so your potential clients know exactly who you are what you do within a few seconds
  • Keep regularly posting on your social media accounts so that your followers are kept updated about your services and what offers might be happening over the next week (another tip: On posts that you want to reach more people to see, add hashtags and send out your posts at a time where your target audience is going to on their social media eg. In the evening after work and during the lunch time period)
  1. Be responsible for keeping in contact with your customers

Making sure you listen to your customers is important, especially when the have a grievance. On Facebook, your business’ Facebook page will be rated on how quickly you respond to messages or queries. The quicker you are and the higher the rating you get from your customers, the higher up in the rankings you’ll appear within the Facebook search. However, trying to deal with a difficult message can be difficult in a short time so make sure you have a selection of prewritten responses to send out to your customers to reassure them that their query is important to you. These responses can be short and to the point, as follows:

“Hello [insert name here]. Thank you for your query/feedback/letting us know. We’ll work towards getting this sorted for you within the next few days. We will contact you to discuss the outcome soon. [Your name] at [Your Company Name]”


If you follow these tips, you are sure to have more success with your Social Media. If this remains to be tricky, feel free to check out the services that we offer where we can assist you as well as possibly run your social media for you, to amplify your brand to customers.