Making Memories with the new Snapchat feature

Recent additions to the multimedia-messaging app “Snapchat” over the past year have caused it to become a viral sensation, with almost 10 million active users in the UK making it the 2th most preferred social media platform; more popular than Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Any frequent user of social media will have seen Snapchats in-built filters flooding the internet with people’s photos of themselves swapping faces with a friend or being transformed into different animals with different photo overlays.


Now, businesses can get in on the “fun packed” action with the addition of Memories.


Previously, businesses could use the Snapchat story feature which let users follow their account and keep up to dated with photos posted to their “Story.” The Story feature allowed followers of the business’ account to watch a series of images or videos created by the company as a form of marketing. The only issue with this was that the images would be automatically deleted after 24 hours.


In the past month, Memories have been introduced via an update to overcome this problem. Now users can save photos to their story permanently – or until they decide to delete them. This is an amazing opportunity for marketers as it allows certain posts to be retrieved quickly and easily, as well as choosing what their audience can see at any given time.


This set of images or video could be used as an introductory video to new followers or could be used to as a portfolio for designers for creators to display their new products. This service could also allow companies to make their own specialized adverts to be viewed on the app. Not only this but with a collaboration with Snapchat, companies can have their own filters created and can be featured on the header of the Snapchat Story page of the app.


Because of Snapchats dominance of the app market and its appeal to a more youthful consumer, it is the perfect opportunity for business to attract a younger audience.

This new feature creates a massive marketing opportunity for businesses, marketing their services in a creative way, opening up new pathways to reach newer audiences.