Could Snapchat’s story be coming to an end?

Instagram has recently released an update that has caused quite a stir in the realms of the internet. After its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, the updates have been including more and more additional user interface features.

The most recent update that’s going to be appearing on IOS and Android devices in the coming weeks is the “Stories” feature. This puts Instagram in direct competition with Snapchat, with this latest feature being almost a direct copy of Snapchat’s feature of the same name which was released in 2013.

Many people are saying that this could be the end for Snapchat, however we don’t see this as the case.

Within this update, users can save photos and 10 second videos and upload them to their “story” which plays back these images and videos to anyone curious, in a presentation format – sound familiar yet?

The reason for this update according to the developers, is the high standard of photography expected of everyone on Instagram. Where Instagram once used to be for uploading photos of your life, it’s turned into a platform of amateur and professional photographers showing off their works of art. This in turn, makes the everyday users of Instagram think that their photographs aren’t good enough for the platform.

These users migrated to the safe haven of Snapchat, where they can send their pictures to their friends for a short amount of time without worrying that they will be judged by the rest of the community.  

Clearly, Instagram has cottoned onto this issue and has begun to integrate this similar feature into its user interface, hoping that the audience of goofy, fun-loving selfie takers will return to the network.

Incorporated into this “Stories” update, Instagram has also added the feature of customising the photos you take with text, emoji’s and the drawing tool – can you see a pattern emerging here?

One upside to this feature, is that unlike Snapchat, Instagram hasn’t placed ads within the user’s experience. However, this is how Snapchat started so it’s almost a guarantee that is this new feature is a success that companies and Instagram will want to advertise on it.

Users worried about who can see their can stories on Instagram can easily set it that only their followers can view their stories. As well as this, they can view everyone who has watched their story and block anyone who they feel uncomfortable with looking at their content.

This new Instagram could either take off (with the help from some heavy influence from popular users) or fall on its face, with current users of Snapchat and Instagram not seeing the point of merging the 2 features together and are happy with the current formula. Either way, Instagram is about to take a bite out of Snapchat’s popularity but whether it’s enough to do significant damage only time will tell.