My Skills
Driving my wife crazy 87%
Teaching dogs to to do anything I ask 21%
Surviving the wrath of Phil 79%
Stress Therapist for studio managers 88%


Graphic design is my passion, ever since I can remember; I have been drawing and trying to be creative. I was lucky enough to have a mum and dad who did every thing they could to foster my love of art, even after a hard day at the office, they would still be prepared to spend hours teaching me how to draw.

This love of art continued through my school life and led me to go onto college where I studied graphic design. I have been in the design industry for more than 17 years.. I have worked at Open Space Advertising for more than six years and have made some life long friends. Creating ad campaigns for our customers still gives me a buzz and I enjoy using the techniques I have learned over the years to get our clients tangible results.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 15.47.26My spare time, well I love to walk my two dogs, Theo and Harvey, always exploring the countryside with them both by my side, but most of the time you will see them running around like loonies! When I’m not walking my dogs, I’m out cycling, which I like to do lots of when I can. I find it’s a superb way to de-stress and also keep fit. When I’m not walking or cycling, you will find me behind a camera, trying my best to capture whatever catches my eye. I like my photography, and often will be at a photographic / art exhibition when I can find the time.

“So there you have it, me, in a nutshell!”