Here are two excerpts from customers who ran campaigns at Tesco

“In the six months since our adverts went live, Enquiries from the region have increased by 36%”
“We are delighted with the response we have received”
  • Target Marketing

    Targeting the correct people is critical to a successful campaign. Advertising at Tesco guarantees you reach your target audience because you get to choose which store you advertise in.

  • Guaranteed Readership

    All our customer information boards are strategically placed in the most highly trafficked area, usually the entrance or exit. This guarantees shoppers can not enter or leave the store without being exposed to your advert.

  • Builds Trust

    Consumer scientists have proven a potential customer has to be exposed to your brand seven times before they trust you enough to consider doing business with your company. The average shopper will visit their store two-three times each week. This means over the course of three-month campaign, they will see your advert over thirty times, which means trust will no longer stop you getting their business.

  • 39% of the population will shop at their local Tesco store up to three times every week.
  • 60% of the population will have shopped in a Tesco store in the last two weeks.
  • Supercharge Your Results With Our Free Tools
  • A4 Clip frames so you can change your offers as often as you like
  • Display Your Special Offers with an A5 leaflet dispenser
  • We will create a QR Code that can take them to your website
  • Free Text marketing trial so you can capture their mobile details
  • Bring Your images alive with our Free augmented reality tools
  • Mobile Coupons that can be scanned to their smartphone
  • Single Click to Call QR code that you can use on all your adverts
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