Pinterest – The virtual mood boards of the future?

Picture your interests on the Internet and you come up with Pinterest – another social media platform where you can express yourself.

Pinterest is quickly growing in popularity. About 48.7million people were recorded as using Pinterest in February 2013, so if you don’t use it yet, it is time to get on board by creating your own boards.

Using Pinterest is a great way to gain interest for your brand. It’s easy to participate; you don’t have to have a way with words or a good eye when using a camera. You simply register and start creating content for your boards by pinning your favourite pictures created by other people or links to websites.

You can also use Pinterest as a virtual shop window for your business by creating boards to show off your products, services, brand or your personality! You simply upload and pin photographs or publicity shots from your own files onto boards with titles of your liking.

If you want to reach new potential clients, it’s worth knowing why people like creating these virtual mood boards.

People use Pinterest to:

  • Show off their expertise
  • As a source of inspiration
  • To bookmark things of interest
  • To promote their brand
  • To connect with other Pinterest users
  • For fun and to relax
  • Because everyone else is using it!

Once you are up and running on this social media platform, don’t forget to interact with people who are active on Pinterest. If you offer them content that is imaginative, attractive, entertaining or helpful they will soon be interacting with you.

Why not use this free method of gaining greater exposure? The more people who see your pins, the more likely they are to like and share them and the more attention they will gain. You can also use your boards as a means of directing people to your website and so gain more traffic and increase your sales or ranking on search engines.

Think of Pinterest as another string to your social media bow, helping to increase your profile, your brand, your business on the worldwide web!