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Text marketing is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and ensure existing customers to stay loyal and spend more money. Mobile marketing is increasing rapidly; it is predicted to be worth just under £100 million by 2015, which means any business that fails to take advantage of this unstoppable revolution is leaving a massive amount of money on the table.

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WHY Your Business Needs SMS Marketing

If you think text marketing is about sending unsolicited text messages to massive marketing lists, you couldn’t be more wrong, here are three reasons why you should use text marketing to grow your business

  • 1. Reach your customers anywhere, anytime: The mobile phone and their owner are rarely parted which means that when you send them a text you can almost guarantee it will be opened and read immediately, something that cannot be achieved with almost any other marketing medium.
  • 2. Interact with customers who are genuinely interested in your business: Because you will only send text messages to people who opt-in, you can be sure they are being received by an interested audience, not only does this guarantee they are read it also increases the chances they will interact and take advantage of your special offers.
  • 3. Benefit from the share-ability of text messages: Another great advantage to implementing text marketing as part of your strategy is the fact that text messages can easily be shared by recipients to their contacts if the content of the message is particularly enticing. By generating good quality content for your messages or tempting discounts and offers, you can boost the reception of your messages and perhaps even generate new subscribers.

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