Using Periscope, Any Benefits to Your business?

Periscope is the new toy in the social media must-have app box that can make you a TV star. It allows anyone to broadcast live anywhere.


It’s a great tool for exhibitionist and voyeurs, but can it be used to help boost your business? Twitter must think so because it recently bought Periscope for a reported $100m.


Lots of businesses these days have realised the potential of boosting their marketing via social media, and to many, Periscope is just another step in the right ‘lead generation’ direction. You just have to see the number of enterprises that now use YouTube or stream live as part of their marketing funnel.


Periscope could be a great tool if you are a charity hosting an event or a larger organisation launching a new product. It would take a bit of preparation, as all live broadcasts do, but you could show live your donors sending in monetary gifts to your charity, have a team of models showing off your latest designs if you are a clothes business, you could have live demonstrations of how to use your latest line of tools or equipment if you are a manufacturer, or have people enjoying eating and drinking in your leisure outlets if you are in the hospitality industry. Any bets that Richard Branson and Alan Sugar have already downloaded the app onto their Smart phones?


How it works

You don’t have to worry about a WiFi connection, a sound or cameraman or satellite broadcast, to transmit a broadcast to your followers you simply tap your phone and you are in action. Periscope could easily replace webinars, if you are a business that offers some form of tuition.


How to attract followers

The question is how do you reach people so they follow you on Periscope? If you already have a large following on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. you could simply cross promote your broadcasts and ask those people to follow you on Periscope. Engage your viewers and share your content across your channels using hashtags and an eye-catching image.


Develop a broadcast strategy

You need to establish a Periscope strategy in keeping with your branding guidelines and work out what to broadcast and when. Remember to optimise anything you are promoting on Periscope so that your branding matches what you are posting on your other channels. Ideally you should aim to broadcast regularly at the same day and same time, daily, weekly, or monthly so that your audience become engaged, raving fans and start to look forward to your transmissions and tell their friends.


Building a Buzz

Don’t forget to notify your prospects on your databases about your new broadcasts on Periscope by promoting them via an email or your company’s blog/news page. If you want to come across as a more professional presenter book some tuition from a public speaking coach.


Build some buzz about your broadcasts and you will soon see your business booming!